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“This would be a major advance not only in preventing PML, but also in potentially reassuring patients that it is safe to take many of the drug therapies associated with PML risk,” said Revere Kinkel, a neurologist and director of the University of California, San Diego’s multiple sclerosis program.

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“Determining genetic susceptibility to PML is an extremely promising method of reducing disease risk. A simple inexpensive test may prove revolutionary in this regard,” said Dr. Joseph Berger, chief of multiple sclerosis at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and lead author for the American Academy of Neurology’s PML Guidelines Committee."


“According to the study, patients with any of the four variants identified are at high risk for PML....with measures of clinical validity and utility comparing favorably to other genetic risk tests, such as those for breast cancer screening."

Independent Expert Editorial


“The availability of a simple, relatively inexpensive test that can identify the genes that put one at risk for PML would be enormously helpful in the management of patients"

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“The widespread use of such testing could potentially allow the physician to use alternative therapies that do not carry the same risk of PML."

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"In an editorial in the journal Frontiers in Neurology, two multiple sclerosis (MS) experts are advocating for genetic testing to identify MS patients who are at higher risk of developing a devastating side effect from their medications."

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