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Take your medication with more peace of mind

Know your PML risk, for free.


This site offers a FREE genetic test to find out if you are at an increased risk for PML (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy). 

There is no cure or effective treatment for this life-threatening disease, so prevention is the best defense.

If you are immune-compromised due to medication or illness, find out your risk today.

The test will determine if you have any of the PML risk mutations discovered by leading experts in the field.

These mutations are significantly more common in PML patients and more predictive than BRCA1 or BRCA2 is for breast cancer.

Learn more about this groundbreaking research on the PML-Genetic Link page.

Easier than a COVID test!

To see the simple steps and a demonstration video, visit the Instructions page.

Testing is performed to the highest standard by a company at the forefront in genetic testing for almost 20 years.

Test costs are currently covered by the PML Foundation.

Step 1

Fill out form

Provide basic information and a kit will be shipped to you in ~1 week​


Step 2

Provide sample

Drop off the kit using the pre-paid return envelope at any UPS/FedEx​

Step 3

Get results

A medical professional will explain how to share the results with your doctor 

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